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Documentation: A typical non-judicial foreclosure referral should be accompanied by legible copies (originals are not usually required) of the note, recorded deed of trust (including all stamped recording information), any assignments, any prior substitutions of trustee, powers of attorney, any other recorded documents affecting the property, title policy or other title evidence and a survey, if available. The referral should also attach a payoff balance, a statement of arrearage and copies of any notice letters sent to the mortgagor. If the account has been in bankrupcty, any orders, such as those providing relief from stay should also be attached, if available.

Referrals may be sent by mail, delivery service, fax or email to any of the following addresses.

Underwood Law Firm
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Jackson, Mississippi 39206

Fax: 601-362-5673

e-mail: referrals@underwoodlawfirm.com

Fee Schedule: Underwood Law Firm follows the standard fee schedules and timelines recognized by FannieMae, FreddieMac, HUD, VA, and other recognized investors.